Trinket Trance is a small collective of sound artists shepherded by Scott Gray (The World Next Door), a composer, sound designer, comic book author and cat mother living in Hamilton, Ontario.

I’m available to create music/sound design for any medium, with previous experience scoring both feature length and short film.

Please get in touch via trinkettrancemusic(AT)


Manifesto (Feature Length, Unreleased) – Luke Higginson, Editor

(Composer, performer, producer, mixing and mastering engineer)

The World Next Door – Find Your Face In It (9/10 – Exclaim!)
The World Next Door – Shark Salad (4/5 – Ride the Tempo)
The World Next Door – Long Con Turtle Stack (9/10 – Exclaim!)


Lunar Lemur – You Can Tell Because the Quantum Cat Version Has An Origami Face (2018)
Lunar Lemur – Theme Songs For Imagined TV Shows (2019)
Piers Oolvai – Gynandrous // The Chimera (2020)
Clara Engel – A New Skin (2020)
Pixie Moonshine – Far From the Wilderness (2022)
Lunar Lemur – Sifting Stars (2022)

(Additional Production/Featured Performer)

Cursed Arrows – Rebirth (2019) (Orchestration, programming, guitar, melodica, glockenspiel, drums)
Pixie Moonshine – Far From the Wilderness (2022) (Drums, Guitar, Keys, Synth, Percussion, Mixing)